What We Do For You

Our services are unique.  We provide a tool that enables you to:

  • control your business
  • constantly monitor the financial and operational status of your business
  • maximize your back office efficiency
  • reduce costs

The tool is BDOS (Broker Dealer Operating System), which has been used by introducing firms for more than 25 years.

BDOS is operated by a competent clerical person who imports files from DST, clearing firms, NSCC and insurance companies.  All general ledger entries are created when the trade is recorded.

Using your trade data, BDOS automatically generates your:

BDOS uses your trade data to calculate:

  • receivables from clearing, distributors and insurance companies
  • rep and clearing payables

BDOS has special procedures to:

On a quarterly (monthly if required) basis BDOS automatically generates your:

At any time BDOS automatically generates a Net Capital Computation and compares your Net Capital to reporting thresholds.

Books and Records capabilities include: