P&S Blotter

The BDOS Revenue and Expenses Report (P&S Blotter) is just one of the reports to show trade activity.  Others are:

  • FINRA Blotter
  • Commission Blotter
  • Payout Blotter

The Revenue and Expense Form shows:

revenue expense form

You can specify:

  • Trade or Settlement Date and Date Range
  • Summary or Detail Report
  • Scope:
    • All Transactions
    • Transactions for a Single: Rep, Client, Vendor, Security, Product Group
  • Group By:
    • Date, Rep, Account Number, Client, Vendor, Security, Product Group, Branch
  • Order By
    • Date, Rep. Client, Vendor, Security, Product Group, Branch
  • output: View, Print, XLS or PDF

In addition to all significant ticket information (dates, buy/sell, client, quantity, price….) The report shows:

  • Gross –  Gross Commission or Markup
  • CFee –   Clearing Fee
  • NetBP –  Net to the firm Before rep Payout
  • Payout – Rep Payout
  • Net –       Bottom line net to the firm for the trade

View a sample report