Why You Need BDOS-FinOp

The primary reason for BDOS-FINOP Services is to give you complete control over your business.  Your staff operates the software and the data is maintained at your site or in the cloud in your web account.  You get information when you want it and are able to use the information to make daily and long term decisions.

The second reason is economics.  Your back office is highly automated and operates at a very efficient level.  This saves you money in operational costs.


  • one of our clients has imported over 95,000 files from clearing, DST and NSCC
  • these files recorded over 708,000 trades
  • the back office consists of a single person who also act as their trader

The third reason is also economics.  Using BDOS you generate your financials.  You generate your FOCUS IIA.  You generate your SSOI.  You do the heavy lifting.  Our job is to support the software and insure your financials are correct.  As such, we can provide very attractive pricing for our services.

In summary, we:

  • give you full control over your back office operations
  • improve your back office productivity and reduce costs
  • reduce the costs associated with traditional outsourced FINOPs

To learn more, fill out the BDOS demo request form or simply give us a call at 919-321-0716.

We look forward to the opportunity of working together.